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Nikole Reygan

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Like many young actors Nikole does part time work whilst working towards auditions and more. Unfortunately, she lost her bar job on the morning that we were due to take her new headshots - nothing to do with her but the sad realities of bars overextending themselves in Birmingham city centre.. But she was amazingly upbeat and efforvescent bearing in mind the problem that that news present and we were both really happy with the results. Nikole chose 7 images from the session and here are 5 of them.


'Julius Caesar'

Sunday, 01 May 2011

Julius Caesar at the Crescent recently was a production that I managed to get a sneak peak of at the technical rehearsal. From that I saw that the lighting used was deliberately very different from the normal theatre lighting, utilising strip lights and a bare bulb amongst other techniques.

What I also saw was that this was not a traditional take on Shakespeares play, it being updated to modern London and East End gangs. With both of these things I decided that the director would prefer somethng non traditional also from the photography. I loved the white background of the set and tried to use that to my advantage. Add in some treatment to my favourite images of the show and I have some that I've really enjoyed creating.


Cathy and Daniel

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I did my first wedding of the year on the 11th March at Stanhole Oak Barn for Cathy and Daniel. I met Cathy through my Birmingham Rep Theatre work and was delighted to be asked to cover her wedding. A fantastic day was had and I particularly enjoyed the Blues Band who were doing their first ever wedding (not being your architypal wedding band at all).


Deborah Atkinson

Friday, 25 March 2011

The blog below this one was for Birmingham Conservatiore's production of 'The Cunning Little Vixen' at the Crescent Theatre and soon after doing that I got a call from one of the cast for a headshot session. Deborah is a soprano at the Conservatoire and about to graduate after 4 years of training. She told me that soprano opera voices aren't fully mature until at least 25 so Deborah is expecting to find more work in musical theatre than opera in the short term. I'm a great believer in making things happen for yourself and Deborah is currently producing a CD of her talents that will be available shortly.


'The Cunning Little Vixen' - Birmingham Conservatoire

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Yesterday brought something new to me ... taking production pictures of the same show ... twice! One dress rehearsal of 'The Cunning Little Vixen' from Birmingham Conservatoire with one cast and another soon after with another cast. Only the major roles changed though but it was predictably a physical test to me and I was grateful it wasn't Wagner! Beautiful set and costumes made for some lovely images. Oh, and it was directed by Michael Barry who directed me in Hayfever way back in the early 80s at the old Crescent Theatre.


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