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The secret to great theatre photography is very simple. Love theatre.

I have studied it, performed in it, stage-managed it, directed it, bought countless tickets for it, photographed it and have had a lifelong passion for it.

For me when it's done well there is no better art form than theatre.

Great theatre, though, doesn't come out of a wonderful set design, beautiful lighting or extraordinary projection - though all of those elements play their part. Theatre is an actors medium and the best drama is borne out of conflict. One of my favourite quotes from a director is: 

'every scene is a chase scene'.

Directors and actors work very hard in the rehearsal room to work out the nuances of each production (after almost 20 years as a stage-manager I know exactly how hard) and find out the truth and conflict that keep an audience captivated. I believe that it's my job to capture those nuances and the interaction between actors that make the best theatre breathtaking.

That is my challenge and what I love.


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