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I did wonder for a long time whether my theatre and wedding portfolio should be advertised on separate websites. They are two very different subjects after all.

Then I realised that I had been chosen by my wedding couples not despite of my theatre speciality but because of it. They had seen something in my theatre portfolio that they had liked and wanted on their big day.

Since then I've been struck by how theatrical a wedding is - though this seems like an obvious statement - and by how similar they are in technique. Both events play out offering you only one opportunity to capture unforgettable images in the most creative way possible. The best drama is extraordinary because of passions and emotions being heightened and it is my job to capture those moments. Just like a wedding.

I'm incredibly proud to be able to say that I was allowed and trusted to take the images in the gallery to the left.

It might quite possibly be the best job in the world.


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