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My headshot sessions start by simply chatting over a cup of tea or coffee. No-one gets rushed in front of the camera until I know a little bit more about you; for example, where you currently are in terms of your career and where you hope to be in the near future. 

There aren’t many people who find the business of having a camera pointing at them for such a concentrated period of time natural. It takes time to get used to that and learn what looks great and what doesn’t work so well and you should put aside at least 2 hours for a session with me. There’s no limit on how long a session is though and I’d rather it take longer than know that you aren’t happy when you leave. I won’t offer a reduced fee session for an hour as that is too short a time to guarantee great results.

Several times during the session we’ll check in with your pictures on a computer to see what we’re getting and talk about what works and what doesn’t. In this way, you will have a better understanding of what the camera sees when you try different things. I also find that it helps confidence and relaxation when a client sees a great image of themselves on the computer during a session.

What You Need To Bring

Yourself. But don’t come when you know you will be feeling tired or suffering after a particularly good party – it will show. Be refreshed and able to work for 2 hours.

Clothes. Bring a few favourite tops. I prefer dark tops but absolutely no patterns or stripes that will look too busy on your 10×8. We want to look at your eyes and not your fashion sense.

Some items that men might consider bringing:

Make up. Probably just for the girls but a more natural look is better. The camera is very revealing and heavy application of make-up will look as if you are trying to hide something. 

What Happens Next?

After your session you will be sent a link to an online gallery for you to make your selection of your favourite 5 images in the comfort of your own home. You can take as long as you like with making your decision.

I shall do polishing to your chosen images - getting rid of temporary spots etc - before posting them onto an online gallery for you to download the high resolution final pictures. I will also do a CD of the final images and put that in the post.

Should you require retouching beyond the 'normal' (eg hair removal) this can be done for £10 per image.

And that’s it. How to get a great, new 10×8 for the very small fee of £140.00 (£115.00 for students).

Contact me now for more information or to arrange your headshot session on 07974 765644.