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Theatre has been the largest part of my life in one form or another since 1982. At various stages I have been employed as an actor, director and, primarily, stage-manager.

I have been hugely proud of my professional theatre career having started at the bottom rung scrapping for an Equity card and finishing at the finest subsidised theatres including the National Theatre.

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Being a freelance theatre practitioner is a fantastic life but there came a time in my stage-management career when I wanted to be more creative in my own right and not serve the creativity of other people (even if those people were the best in their field).

With an eye for a great picture (I believe) and a training in photography whilst studying for my Performance Arts degree it was a natural step, therefore, into theatre photography.

I realised that my extensive experience in the theatre industry meant that I had an advantage in meeting expectations of actors, directors, marketing directors etc. For instance, I know what actors and casting directors require from their headshot or 10x8, not just from recent conversations and constant studying but also from many years of working and socialising with them.

Just as importantly for theatre rehearsal or production images I know what it is to work in those environments from the other side of the camera.

If you are looking for the best quality theatre images, whether for rehearsal, production or PR purposes it pays to choose a photographer that understands the industry and specifically your needs.

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